Dumb Teenage Girl Trends

Instagramming Every Meal


“I totes got a strawberry smoothie in a glass jar. Better Gram that shit!” Then it is followed by a series of comments from fellow teen girls saying how jealous they are and how amazing the food/drink looks. The next photo I am going to take will be a half eaten bowl of soggy Weetbix #nofilter

IDIOT RANKING: Get over it

Crop Tops


To me, this just screams “LOOK AT ME. My stomach is toned and tanned and I am better than every other girl I walk past and I don’t know how stupid I look”

IDIOT RANKING: Slut but not really

Pocket Shorts


You know, the short denim ripped shorts that have the insides of the pockets hanging out the bottom? It’d bad enough that we can almost see your ass and hoo-haa, now we get to see that daggy symbol of “I actually WANT you to see my ass and hoo-haa”



outta ma face

Selfies are self-taken photographs where you can usually see the person’s arm holding the camera. The photo is either accompanied with weird pursy lips or eyes looking in a direction other than the camera lens followed up by social media posting.

IDIOT RANKING: Plea for complementary attention because you have low self esteem



A dumb fucking word that mature people like to refer to as “having fun”. It can be used as a verb, noun and/or adjective.




8 thoughts on “Dumb Teenage Girl Trends

  1. I agree with the first one, the one about instagramming all your meals – but come on, cut some slack. We wear crop tops because we feel attractive wearing them, as well as pocket shorts. We wear the clothes we wear because we want to. We’re not asking for anyone to see our “hoo-ha” by simply putting on a pair of our favorite shorts, we do it because we feel confident and we don’t give a damn what people think. What else do you propose we do instead of taking selfies? Let’s say that we’re snapchatting, for example, do you really want to get a picture of a lamp accross the room or do you want a picture of the person you’re actually chatting with? I thought so. And jokes on you. We take selfies because we are comfortable with the way we look and we might as well share our sexy ass faces with the world, won’t we?

  2. Jealousy sucks… yes there are girls that take it too far but we all express ourselves in our own way… like you have never taken a selfie? Like for example who took your profile picture?… love your blogs tho… but don’t be a hypocrite… i do it too sometimes believe me… but i try not to… i am with you on girla dressing like they pole dance all day long, but let them be we can’t change it (i wish we could tho)… but keep up the good writing… stay strong

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