The “Friendzone”

The World's Ways

I’m just going to get straight down to it. I absolutely object to the term “friendzone”. I was aware what the definition of the term was before I decided to look it up on the site Urban Dictionary. A term used when a woman does not like a man “that way” and the man ends up in an obscure and sinuous place feeling lost and helpless. I know the UD is not reliable and/or accurate but I was still repulsed that almost every definition (over 20), implied that it’s a place where men slip into when they realise their romantic advancements on a girl have utterly failed when he finds out she is not interested in him, and therefore, that girl is a “friendzoning” bitch.

Even if this bullshit thing did exist, why must the men be put into the friendzone? Why is it always the girl that’s the culprit?…

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