About Me

This page is just about as horrible as answering the job interview question “So tell me about yourself”. Why not just give me a papercut in between my fingers and drip some lemon juice on it.

Well, I’m a girl, I am 24 years old and work in media. I have blonde hair and green eyes. I think of myself as another version of Bridget Jones. I try to say things that make lots of sense, but when I verbalise them it’s utter nonsense in a world of chaos. Essentially this is what every person looks like when I talk to them


Right now I think my future is in serious danger, aka, it’s so damn expensive in Sydney that if I am not a Lawyer married to another Lawyer (or married to a Brain Surgeon) then I really don’t think I’m going to be able to survive in this place. But for now, let’s just blog shall we?

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