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I’m just going to get straight down to it. I absolutely object to the term “friendzone”. I was aware what the definition of the term was before I decided to look it up on the site Urban Dictionary. A term used when a woman does not like a man “that way” and the man ends up in an obscure and sinuous place feeling lost and helpless. I know the UD is not reliable and/or accurate but I was still repulsed that almost every definition (over 20), implied that it’s a place where men slip into when they realise their romantic advancements on a girl have utterly failed when he finds out she is not interested in him, and therefore, that girl is a “friendzoning” bitch.

Even if this bullshit thing did exist, why must the men be put into the friendzone? Why is it always the girl that’s the culprit?…

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Dumb Teenage Girl Trends

Instagramming Every Meal


“I totes got a strawberry smoothie in a glass jar. Better Gram that shit!” Then it is followed by a series of comments from fellow teen girls saying how jealous they are and how amazing the food/drink looks. The next photo I am going to take will be a half eaten bowl of soggy Weetbix #nofilter

IDIOT RANKING: Get over it

Crop Tops


To me, this just screams “LOOK AT ME. My stomach is toned and tanned and I am better than every other girl I walk past and I don’t know how stupid I look”

IDIOT RANKING: Slut but not really

Pocket Shorts


You know, the short denim ripped shorts that have the insides of the pockets hanging out the bottom? It’d bad enough that we can almost see your ass and hoo-haa, now we get to see that daggy symbol of “I actually WANT you to see my ass and hoo-haa”



outta ma face

Selfies are self-taken photographs where you can usually see the person’s arm holding the camera. The photo is either accompanied with weird pursy lips or eyes looking in a direction other than the camera lens followed up by social media posting.

IDIOT RANKING: Plea for complementary attention because you have low self esteem



A dumb fucking word that mature people like to refer to as “having fun”. It can be used as a verb, noun and/or adjective.





Hello everyone, just wanted to let you know, the following post is based on my opinions, not what I believe is the definite truth. It’s quite possible that most of the world disagree with me. Hate on me or not, I don’t mind!

Ever heard of the song The One by Elton John? Well, now you do. This is part of the lyrics “sex and love no longer gel”. Quite true Sir Elton, quite true. These days sex is just sex, hell you can even buy it. And love, well some people believe it just doesn’t exist. I am quite a skeptic, what is love? (Baby don’t hurt me) what’s the different between love and really, really like? According to some people, if you love someone so deeply then you would die for them. Can’t you just die for someone you really really like? IMO, love is just a word that fits in a relationship when you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with your other half. When have you heard anyone say, “yep at 2:37pm today I think I fell in love” is it something that you can feel? Do you feel a sharp stabbing pain in your heart? “Oof! There it is, love, I just felt it and it actually kinda hurt”

Do you have to love someone to have sex with them? I don’t think so. To me sex is just a passionate act. You shouldn’t go home and cry your eyes out because you just did it with some random person who you don’t love. If you were safe, and they were a decent human, then you shouldn’t worry too much. Unless it was your first time, you’re allowed to regret that a bit. I myself am not a sex addicted nymphomanic. To be quite honest, I think the lead up to sex is much more enjoyable than the actual act. Teasing, neck kissing, bottom lip biting, massaging, sexual frustration, handcuffs (if you’re weird like that) and god know what else, is a lot more fun and exciting than just in and out in and out all over again. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sex, but always wish the foreplay could carry on a little longer.

Disclaimer: I have never had a one night stand

What do you think?