Things I would tell my teen self

  • It’s okay to be different
  • You don’t know enough about makeup to wear it
  • Don’t compare yourself to your peers
  • It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a boyfriend
  • It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a glowing tan
  • Don’t call them “the popular girls”
  • Underage smoking and drinking is not cool
  • Ask your mum when you should start wearing a bra
  • Don’t be embarrassed to talk about personal things with your mum. She’s your MUM
  • Check for food in your braces
  • Don’t bother getting in bitch fights
  • Remove yourself from a situation if you feel uncomfortable
  • Learn to be resilient
  • Eat healthy. It will do you good

And most importantly:

  • Most acne creams won’t work

Journal Keeping

Keeping a journal (or “diary” if you like) has been a mahoosive part of my life for the past 7 years. I found a random book in my house with a weird fabric-like cover and just started to write random things in there. Then I decided I didn’t want anyone to see it which is when I started writing deep dark secrets. Mind you, the deepest and darkest secret I ever had is that I had a crush on a boy called Michael in year 4. I have a feeling he is a gigantic douche now so I don’t think that relationship had any chance of blossoming.

Moving on, I just liked writing down thoughts. Not every day, sometimes I didn’t write in my journals for up to 6 months – but I have never said to myself “I’m going to stop writing”. They are a great outlet. Sometimes I will write quick, short passages that might last 3 or 4  lines. Other times when I really need to vent I won’t even stick to the lines. Let’s just say, in my journals, I have CRAP all over the place. And lots of swear words. Whether it’s a good or bad entry, there is always swearing.

role model

My advice to you in writing a journal is: fuck it, write whatever the fuck you want, however the fuck you want and wherever the fuck in the journal you want.

Your handwriting doesn’t have to be the same. One day it might be beautiful cursive and the next day it could look like a 3 year old writing on walls. Who cares? You’re not impressing anyone else are you?

This is a bunch of journals I have kept over the years. As you can see they are all COMPLETELY different. I never really stick to a certain size or shape. I glue and stick things on them, I’ve attached so much shit to them that one or two are even starting to fall apart.





Break-Up Tips

So I have just recently come out of a one year and a half relationship. According to him, I “dumped” him, but I prefer to say I “initiated a mutual break-up”. We had no future together, completely different prospects. I was pretty devo trust me, our relationship was just falling into this boring routine and I couldn’t stand it. So I felt this post was appropriate.

Sorry if I’m coming across as a little harsh sometimes.

Okay, okay, at first it’s fine to do the following:

  • Listen to sad music and lots of Taylor Swift
  • Eat lots of chocolate
  • Watch The Notebook and Bridget Jones’s Diary
  • Stalk him on Facebook
  • Stalk the girls he talks on Facebook
  • Bitch about how much you love him
  • Then bitch about how much you hate him
  • And then bitch about how much you miss him

You can do these things for I would say the first week, MAXIMUM. But then


The first thing you need to do is learn to accept what has happened, happened. Acceptance will help you move on. You’re still allowed to miss him, but it’s time to start focusing more on yourself and not him and/or the relationship you both had.


  • Listen to upbeat music (I would recommend You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oats)
  • By a shitload of makeup
  • Exercise but don’t waste your money on the gym. Go jogging in the fresh air!
  • Go out dancing, but remain classy
  • Flirt a little, appropriately.


  • Text him frequently
  • Keep looking through photos you had together
  • Have revenge sex/hook ups
  • Post anything about your break-up on social media. Everything will think you’re a pain in the ass.

Just don’t give up hope on the future, love will come your way.