My Dream

If someone was asked “what kind of house do you want to live in?” then it would make perfect sense for someone to say “a mansion” or “a big house”. I mean, what joy isn’t there in that? You see celebrity houses and you think dear god I would love to live in a place like that! Pools, maids, red velvet staircases, 5 car spots etc what isn’t to love about that? But for some unknown reason, I have found myself to be quite different…I’m not sure why, but my dream home is a small, one or two room studio/apartment that’s relatively small. Just a place that I can feel cosy and comfortable with. I don’t care if my bed is next to my kitchen bed. I don’t care if I have a washing machine across the room from my TV. Maybe the fact that I can decorate it and make it look fabulous excites me…who knows. These pictures I have found on Tumblr have inspired me big time and make me want a studio even more.

studio1 MC513

studio3 studio4

 Is there anyone else out there like me?